our crew

Meet the fabulous team of resident engineers, and freelancers that makes our company so awesome!

  • Stian Karlsen
    Stian Karlsen CEO / Sound Engineer
  • Jonny Olsson
    Jonny Olsson Sound Engineer
  • Yngve Holkestad
    Yngve Holkestad Sound Engineer
  • Hans Christian Buschmann
    Hans Christian Buschmann Sound Engineer
  • Vidar Braun
    Vidar Braun Lighting Designer
  • Espen Grønvold
    Espen Grønvold Lighting Designer
  • Chrisander Landstad
    Chrisander Landstad Lighting Designer
  • Kim Stølan
    Kim Stølan RESIDENT DJ
  • Erik Karlsen
    Erik Karlsen Service Engineer

one team, one dream